Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some role models

Wasim Q. Malik (click for further info)

click on the link above and you can read everything about this guy. I only mention him as he is a graduate from the same college I went to. He is roughly 6 years my senior and ended up doing D.Phil from Oxford and now works and collaborates, both with MIT and Harvard.

What is interesting about him is that most of his publication came after he completed his PhD in 2005 but he has amassed an impressive 25 journal papers in just 5 years. The credit definitely must go to the increasing number of collaborative projects he took part in. I have an awesome organization that I am collaborating with right now which has a lot of funding. Due to certain problems with my work ethics I wasn't able to work effectively with this amazing organization but I have now realized that I am losing out on a massive opportunity that would help me out in a number of ways later on. It would secure me in future once my funding runs dry and the collaborative nature of most of the projects will help me increase my publication.

Cong Ling (click for further info)

Cong Ling is a lecturer at Imperial College London and is a graduate of NTU, Singapore. He has also authored many excellent papers. He represents the fact that doors are not closed if you do your PhD from a tier 2 university. Only hard work and dedication is required.

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