Monday, October 25, 2010


  • Never get worried about anything. Treat failure as just another experience
  • Never get too excited over anything, because sooner or later that excitement bubble will burst.
  • Never get angry at people. Its better to master yourself then to master other people.
  • Never fight someone who is weak.
  • Go to as many parties as possible.
  • Meet as many people as possible, no matter how many times you have let them down.
  • Work in intense bursts.
  • Always give other people a chance, because a lot of people gave you chances.
  • Enjoying your life has a higher priority than your work, so manage your work but not your life.
  • Work is slavery, try running away from it.
  • Loosers bemoan and criticize human flaws and biases, winners either enjoy them or exploit them.
  • Being idiosyncratic is good, breaking school/work rules is healthy.
  • Working hard was considered shameful through out history and represented a lack of talent and finesse.
  • Don't direct your thoughts, your mind works best when it is free.
  • Do crazy violent things, but stay rational in the larger decisions.
  • Pure generosity is if you help the "ingrate". All other forms are for self preservation.
  • Doing is more important than thinking.

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