Thursday, May 20, 2010

Muslim Concience and Guilt

The problems faced by muslims right now can also be attributed to the enormous burden of guilt that weighs down any intellectual capacity for progress. I live with individuals who hail from modest backgrounds, and who believe knowledge to be in essence evil and who frequently cite conspiracies as proof of the evil agenda that the world has towards them. Let me remind you first that muslims in general suffer from superiority complex and honestly believe that their way of life and outlook on this world is not only better then what the rest of the world has to offer but far far superior. Now this thinking creates a dilemma as in real socio, political and economic terms muslims are probably far inferior to the rest of the world. I cannot generalize my opinion to the rest of the world as i have only experienced pakistanis, but the children of maududi, syed qutb and al-banna exist through out the muslim world, hence i make the assumption that this problem must exist with all muslims barring a few countries like indonesia where secular parties are firmly in charge. To justify their inferior place in this world muslims, particularly islamists need to present a counter conspiracy which is aimed at destroying their much superior position in this world. The bloated ego can only be justified if small events are blown out of proportion to give some semblance of a collective conspiracy, the recent blasphemy events are examples of this. Muslims are happy when the Danish Embassy gets blown up but are equally happy when they get a Danish visa after standing hours in a line. The contradictory and conflicting emotions found in most muslims is making most muslims psychotic. The recent example of Faisal Shahzad is one example of this psychosis, the main plan is to enjoy all the guilty pleasures of the west and earn a lot of wealth and if that doesn't work out then they can blowup things as a back up plan. Faisal Shahzad may not be an isolated incident. The iron curtain of stagnant thought created by the mullahs is the root cause of this psychosis. Muslims work in christian/jewish/hindu/athiest companies for christian/jewish/hindu/athiest bosses but continue to bad mouth these hard working individuals for conspiring to bring down islam or muslim superiority. The islamist agenda is to introduce more guilt into the muslim thought. The recent banning of facebook/youtube/wikipedia is one such example. Muslims will continue to use these websites via proxy but will feel guilty the next time they use these websites. Islamists are successfully fucking up muslim thought and are enforcing psychological chains of guilt.

PS: Where is Ataturk when you really need one? The only recourse against religious bigotry is nationalism. Ataturk used turkish nationalism to bring down the mullah's in Turkey. If we look closely then Pakistan is enriched with a number of nationlistic movements, each secular in its outlook. Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir national movements are secular. ANP, PPP, and MQM are hardcore anti-mullah. Theological bigotry can only be useful as a tool for unity, and it works but the side effects are too many and we must therefore find a better and more democratic solution.

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