Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Career Change and Mid Life Crisis

Naturally one gets bored with what one does on a daily basis. It is hard at times to keep up with the daily drudgery and it takes a significant toll on your motivation to work. Work was synonymous with slavery just a few hundred years ago. terms like passion and work do not make an interesting combination. One must always wake up and realize that work is hateful and one shouldn't waste time finding meaning in it. Work has its purposes, mostly related to economic gains, beyond that work could only be considered fleetingly meaningful. The real meaning rests in the hobbies that one has in addition to this daily drudgery. Hard work and commitment and discipline are the only things that would lead to economic gains. As Douglas Adams once said about writing books, you just have to stare at a blank piece of paper until your head bleeds. Work is not a pleasant experience and any attempt to market it as such would only lead to more dismal results. Work is effortful and painful and one can only get the economic gains by strictly promoting discipline. Hobbies are the wonderful passions that you must enjoy to make sense of this world and to keep a healthy life-work balance.

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