Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hard Work and Discipline

Success is all about discipline, getting up early, working hard, living in the present and focusing on the allotted tasks for the day and if there is time left at the end of the day then do something creative. This is what i have learned by watching my room mate who is a graduate of MIT. Success is also about a complete lack of fear, fear of failure etc which could possibly lead to over confidence but most of the time we just fear things that shouldn't be feared at all. Be open to failure and always believe that by working hard you can improve. By accepting failure you will not let anyone down, be open with people and communicate your weaknesses openly and not shy away from a challenging task which would obviously expose all your weaknesses. It would also give you a chance to improve and learn about your weaknesses. Success depends on doing things that are hard and which would make you err and make mistakes, which would eventually be a learning process.

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