Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Iron Curtain is Descending on Muslim Thought

As the world political situation unfolds daily with relentless breaking news updates, i am getting more and more convinced that the muslim world is heading towards another dark age thanks to the followers of Syed Kutb, Hassan al Banna, and Maududi. The response to the social, political and economic challenges faced by the muslim world is not only lacking but is actually regressive. Islamists are taking the muslim world for a ride and the darkest hour is yet to come. The only silver lining could be that once these Islamists are exposed, then reformists would have a chance to usher in a new renaissance which would build solid foundations for social, economic and political reforms. The only pessimism is that this is not the first time that the muslim world has to start from scratch, Allama Iqbal and the great Ataturk gave us solid foundations to build a civilization which would be beneficial to the world. On the bright side, information is now freely available thanks to technological development and no on can possibly sensor free information in this day and age. We live in a modern world, a world which is the result of a collective effort, a world which has been built by contributions of the greek, indian, chinese, arab and western civilisation. Its a unified world and it belongs to everyone. The very argument of islamists of "we" against "them" is hollow and would soon be exposed once the muslims suffer further because of this delusional logic. The myth of the islamic state needs to be laid to rest before any decent system could be built based on freedom of speech, and socio economic justice.

Coincidentally, just after writing about living in a free information world will change things for the better, i hear news that Pakistan has just banned both youtube and facebook. Can you believe it, this means we are heading straight to the dark ages. We are willing to ban knowledge itself because of our collective insecurities. The islamists are truly incharge right now and i think that the subjugation of atleast Pakistan is complete with the introduction of bans on the internet itself, the very thing that i was optimistic about is the first thing that has been targeted by the mullahs. The question still remains, can they really ban the entire internet because honestly there's a lot more things on the internet then just facebook and youtube.

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