Friday, December 23, 2011

Sissyness Vs Courage

There's a minor difference but an important difference. Both personalities are obsessed with Randomness, the only difference being, that sissies are afraid of randomness and someone with courage looks at randomness in the eye. Leaving political innuendos aside, it reminds me of the hanging of Saddam Hussein, who looked at fate in the eye and did not blink when he was hanged. What could be worse than to look at people abusing you when you are about to die, but he did not blink. There is something terribly attractive about such a death, it has the power to wash away your past sins and make you immortal.

Bhutto was another one of these anti-sissy souls. Who met his fate with courage and a sense of bravado. The man had committed many sins, but his death immortalized him. Three generations down the line, people still chant slogans like "zinda hae bhutto zinda hae" (translation: Bhutto still lives, Bhutto still lives).

Never live like a sissy and never be two faced. Their should be no contradiction between your private and your public life. You have the right to hide your private affairs and your private opinions, but you have no right to contradict your private affairs and opinions in you public life. That requires courage. 

Now some ideas on leadership. Business schools are obsessed with imparting skills to leaders, honing their presentation and personalities, failing to realize that leadership has nothing to with the outward or the apparent. It has everything to do with belief.

"A leader is someone who does not come up with a new idea, but he is the first one to believe in that idea, and whose belief is so strong and so blind, that he is the first one to suffer because of his belief"

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