Sunday, February 6, 2011

Human Emotions and Revolutions

Any political system driven by "personalities" is fragile. Faceless political systems are comparatively less fragile, like the Chinese communist party or the Indian democratic system. Human emotions and anger is easily triggered by "faces".

Egypt has a GDP per capita of 6400$ compared to India's 3200$. Iran's GDP per capita is 10,000$.

Poverty (people living on less than $2):
Iran: 2%
Egypt: 18%
India: 76%

I just think that revolutions have nothing to do with actual issues but are psychologically driven. Iran and Egypt have had uprisings when in reality there are no significant issues bothering them.

In this context, Russia is fragile, because it has a person in control whose face could trigger natural human emotions. India and china are more robust because it is psychologically difficult to hate something which has no face.

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