Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vintage Musicians - Tragedy and Emotions

Is it just me, but I have recently noticed as I listen to vintage classics that all old french/arabic musician were a lot into tragedy.....plus the additional live performances forced them to become actors who played with emotions....some of Brel's and Fairuz's performances are mind blowingly touching. They had the power to make you happy or to make you cry and touched your inner soul at a whole different level. Unlike today's musicians who mostly cringe as they try to be emotional.

These vintage musicians belonged to a whole different genre and knew their audiences live. Having a live audience is a daring proposition. Their weren't large concerts, only small events where the audience was much more visible, unlike today's concerts where the crowd is just like a black mass and there simply isn't a real feedback system. The musician don't end up mixing with the crowd after a concert to know how it went. These vintage musician had to seriously consider feedback which was real time in those days. Now the only way a musician knows that he is doing poorly is that his concert attendance or his CD sales are doing poorly. Their is a significant delay in that feedback. Their are other feedback methods, which generally include the noise the concert crowd is making but that would rarely tell you anything substantive.

Properties change with scale, and the same is the case with music. So a vintage musician would be shitting his pants when he would get on stage, knowing fully well that if he does poorly then he would have to listen to some pretty severe criticism. He wouldn't be bussed out the moment the concert ends. Here's Brel talking about how he would vomit before every performance out of fear. Now, musicians would just snot cocaine or take marijuana and get on stage. They don't really need any interaction (normal) with the crowd hence it doesn't matter if they are high.

Here's another one where the intensity of the man shines through. It's an intellect, which has been severely tested by taking years of criticism from his audience. Can't find one modern musician who could speak with the same emotional intensity. Modern musicians are truly isolated beings, a property of musicians derived because of scale:

I would end this rant against modern music by listen to Madamme Fairuz songs (find the translation yourself, I want music with performances):

Or this song by Fairuz with translation:

Vintage songs were also deeply tragic. They responded to the human need for knowing that their are other lives as tragic as ours. Not those happy go lucky songs in modern music which have no basis in reality and only go on to tell you that there are people out their who are happy and you are not one of them.

Would you like listening to a song that touches you're heart or a song that has nothing to do with your life. Only tragedy touches everyone, but not happiness which is reserved for the few lucky assholes. 

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