Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Religion and Robustness

The world is currently witnessing a religious revival. Who would've thought that centuries after the crusades, after the renaissance, after the coming of the internet, after so much progress happening that we  are still the same specie. Nothing has changed really.

Yesterday, a Pakistani politician Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own body guard. Taseer's only fault was that he criticized the country's blasphemy law. After the killing, his assassin quickly became a hero. Even changing a minor law, which hardly is a part of Islamic jurisprudence is next to impossible. The more you go against religion, the stronger it becomes. Its a long debate whether it is anti-fragile or merely robust. If you don't do anything with religion than it might as well become weak, but going against it definitely makes it stronger.

So how do you tackle something which is anti-fragile. The only way change is possible is by not going against it in the first place. Change would be possible by going with it and then cutting corners and making changes that wouldn't really go against it.

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