Saturday, September 4, 2010

India: Miracle or no Miracle

Let's face it, Pakistanis are to an extent obsessed with India, but what is more surprising is that Indians give a whole new meaning to the word "obsessed" when it comes to our very own pyara watan. To give you an idea, just start reading Times of India for a week and soon you would realize that every second news headline is about Pakistan, and surprisingly most of the "Indian" news is missing. Times of India is probably Times of Pakistan in disguise for me which i read off and on to get news on Pakistan.

I have perused many Indian newspaper only to find that there is a dearth of real news coming through. I have always wondered what my friends across the border actually read to get information. Pakistan is a small country but its newspapers are capable of generating noise over the slightest incident. That vibrancy is completely missing in Indian newspapers.

I recently went through a few blogs:
The surprising element in both blogs has been the comment section, where Indians openly criticize India and its myth. Their were very harsh comments made by people but they do provide some perspective.

This is another nice link where a woman economist explains the India rising fallacy and goes on to explain why India and China are two completely different entities.

India reminds me more of Pakistan, because of its incorrect priorities for development. Both countries must focus on growth in the rural areas, which in Pakistan's case has been severely effected by the recent floods. Their is a huge question mark about the future of South Asia itself. The number of ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic divisions are growing where as the economic misery of its people knows no bound.

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