Friday, April 30, 2010

Amaurosis Fugax

This is the first time that i have resolutely planned to start blogging. I like to write and i have a lot of deep insights on life, philosophy, literature, psychology etc safely stored in word files. Most of these insights have been blatantly plagiarised, although the most creative of the written text in those documents is to an extent an original contribution, at least in a relativistic way.

I chose an esoteric name for this blog, simply to convey that this blog would inherently be esoteric in nature and only a few individuals would ever be able to think the same thoughts when i would be writing my thoughts down. "Amaurosis" means dark or opaque and "Fugax" means fleeting, and i chose this title simply to store and convey the most fleeting of my thoughts on some of the most opaque or hard to understand ideas on almost anything. I will not limit my topics on which to write, topics could be as diverse as religious topics to athiestic and philosophic to poetry and love.

I hope that people would be able to contribute or point me in better directions in my quest for knowledge.

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